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Client Information

The information below is used for our team to communicate with you during the development of your site. The information in this section will not be publicly posted on your new site.

Website Information

The information in this section is basic information about your website, domain and business.
This is the url that will be used for the new RE Jumpstart Platform.
Please upload your logo for use on your new website.
Specific colors and layout changes may be made by our design team during the review phase of development. This first selection is simply to let us know which of the three you preferred as a starting point. View the demo layouts again here Layout One, Layout Two, Layout Three.

Content Information

The information below is used by our content writers and SEO team to begin creating the niche content for the areas and communities that your new platform will target.
What areas, specifically neighborhoods and zip codes do you want to highlight on your website?
Your website will include IDX search pages. We create those for you so knowing the type of home as well as areas will allow us to build those out for you.
So that we get your neighborhoods and geography correct, please send us a few links on each area. Any info you can give us will be helpful.

Area Photos

People love to see pictures. Since most photos on the internet are protected, you will need to provide us with photos that we can use for your website. Since you get to choose neighborhoods and zip codes we suggest your photos represent those areas. The photos need to be high resolution so that they look great on your website. If you do not have a professional photographer, you may find someone at a local university that can take the photos for you for a lesser fee. We will need approximately 20-30 pictures. Please email photos to us at at any time over the next couple weeks.

Please share the content that you'd like us to use for your "About" page.
Please include a high-resolution photo for our team to place on the about sections throughout the site.

IDXBroker Account Information

Please provide your IDX Broker account credentials so that our team may integrate your new site with IDX Broker. If you have not yet created your IDX Broker account, use the following link to waive the setup fee. Create IDX Broker Account
Welcome Aboard!

This form helps our team get started on your new RE Jumpstart Marketing Platform. 

This is simply the start.  One of our friendly representatives will be contacting you shortly to make sure that all of your questions are answered and fill in any blanks. 

We understand that you may not have all of this information yet.  Simply fill out what is available and we’ll follow up with additional details during the development phase of your new site.


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